Man Checks-In At Airport Wearing Just Speedos and Flip-Flops

The passenger was spotted checking in for a South African airways flight at Malawi airport.

He’s since been named as Greig Bannatyne, who had been taking part in a charity swim across Lake Malawi.


When the bus arrived to take Greig and his Mad Swimmers team mates to the airport for their flight home, Greig, from Johannesburg, suddenly realised he had no clothes to change into.

Seeing the funny side, instead of lending him some clothes his team mates dared him to fly home in his tiny Speedos instead.

Greig said: ‘Somehow I didn’t get this memo and everyone else had made sure they had a top and shorts to throw on for the 6hr boat trip back.

‘So while we enjoyed our victory beers, I was still in my Speedos.

‘It really spiralled from there with more and more of the swimmers and support crew pledging money if I attempted to fly home in my Speedos. We did a 4 hour bus trip and arrived at the airport.


The man was questioned by airport security.

‘Immediately we had a security guard inform us that I could not enter like this, after explaining that it was for charity he let us go past.

‘We went through the first security point and checked in without much of an issue.’

He added: ‘There were lots of smiles and shaking of heads in laughter, the staff behind the check in counter were almost in tears and insisted that I needed an aisle seat so that everyone could see me on the plane.’

Greig managed to make it to passport control before security requested he get dressed before boarding the plane.

He said: ‘It was on my way to passport control that I was asked by the police a couple of questions.

‘They were very friendly and we went to a room where they were trying to understand what I was doing. Unfortunately as we didn’t have any official papers validating this they requested that I put my top and shorts on.’

Greig’s near naked journey home boosted the money raised from their charity swim, raising almost £2,000.

[Source: Metro News]


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