Teenager Boy Blows Entire Family Savings On Online Game

A 14-year-old boy has blown his parents’ entire life savings after buying virtual gifts for beautiful online “hostesses”.

The teenager, whose family lives in a basement, was reportedly seduced by the omen, who are hired to promote online games by flirting with users.


The family live in a basement and have now lost their entire life savings.

The boy, Xiao Ming, managed to spend £3,429 in under two months to buy virtual gifts for five hostesses – money which his parents have spent their lives saving.

Xiao Ming got addicted to the game in October when he started speaking to the female online-streaming hostesses whose job it is to promote in-game purchases.

The women he spoke to convinced him to purchase new items in order to improve his virtual character in the game.



The hostesses are paid to promote online purchases in their games, but are not allowed to do anything sexually explicit.

The teen also spent his parents’ cash to buy gifts for the hostesses to impress them.

Xiao Ming, who lives in Lishui City in East China’s Zhejiang Province, said the online-streaming hostesses were his only friends, adding: “They spoke to me every day. I thought of them as my true friends.”

His hardworking parents, who rarely supervise his online behaviour, only found out the boy had been splashing cash online when they received a lengthy bank statement saying they had just 1p left in their account.


The family received a bill that stated they only had a few cents left in the bank.

Mum and dad Xu Yongwen, 43, and Liu Bang, 39, were horrified and now fear there is little they can do to get the money back.

Xu was quoted as saying: “These online hosts have no social morality and only know how to seduce these naive youths.”

The angry dad has vowed to do everything he can to get the cash back – no matter how hard it may be.

He also threatened to sue the hostesses for taking advantage of his boy.

Source: [The Sun]

By: Lincoln Kyle September (lincolnkyleseptember@gmail.com)


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