Man Accidentally Cuts Off Friend’s Penis With Chainsaw While Cutting Firewood

A Romanian man was left is a serious condition after his friend accidentally cut of his pens while they were cutting firewood together.

The pair, who are neighbours and long time friends, were having a few drinks in the village of Vanatory, Romanina’s Iasi County before the incident happened.

It is reported that the 49-year-old warned his 53-year-old neighbour to be careful with the chainsaw before jokingly throwing the saw at him.

The joke turned ugly as the chainsaw landed on his friends crotch-area, slicing through his genitals and severing his penis.


The man was rushed to a local hospital.

The casualty was rushed to Parhon Hospital where he remains in a serious but stable condition.

When at hospital, surgeons tried to save as much of the man’s penis as they could, but were unable to comment whether he would enjoy a normal sex life again.

His wife, who witnessed the accident, now wants to press charges against her neighbour.

The woman said: “We were cutting wood and I called our neighbour to help. Suddenly I saw my husband covered in blood.”

The accused man insists that it was just an innocent joke that went wrong, saying:

“I was holding the chainsaw and I said: ‘Be careful – I could cut your knees’.

“Everything happened in play, it was a joke. I didn’t want to cut him, I was helping him to cut wood and this is what happened. I’m not a criminal.

“I hope I don’t go to prison.”

Source: [Daily Mirror]

By: Lincoln Kyle September (



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