Mother Throws Her Toddler Off 5th Floor Balcony

A woman has killed her toddler son after throwing him off the fifth-floor balcony of her apartment in Johannesburg, South Africa.

It is reported that moments after she had propelled her son from the San Martin building in Johannesburg’s Hillbrow region, she then committed suicide by throwing herself off the balcony as well.

Police spokesman Captain Richard Munyai said that both the child and his mother were confirmed dead at the scene.

“A case of murder and an inquest docket has been opened.”

Munyai went on to explain that the 41-year-old woman had thrown her five-year-old son from the balcony of their flat at around 8pm on Tuesday night.

He said that minutes later, the woman then also lept from the same balcony, which is on the fifth-floor of the apartment complex.


The bodies of the mother and child were attended to by emergency services, they died on the scene.

Munyai said the motive of the incident was still unknown and that the matter was under investigation.

Residents at the apartment block were also puzzled at what could have caused the mother to allegedly murder her child and then later kill herself.

One of the neighbours who didn’t want to be named told local newspaper The Star that he knew the woman and her family well and that he was struggling to understand what drove her to such extreme behaviour.

“The woman lived in the building with her husband, the boy and another teenage child,” he said.
“They were always quiet and I never heard them fight before.”
But on Sunday night, the neighbour said a child’s scream suddenly shattered “the quietness at the house”.
“I heard a child scream but I thought they were playing outside,” he said.
“When I looked outside, I saw the child lying on the ground and about five minutes later the mother jumped from the same building.”
Despite the tragedy that struck the inner city area, it was business as usual yesterday this morning, just mere hours after the woman and child’s death.
As the streets alongside the building were filled with passersby and motorists, there was no visible signs of the pair’s murder.
Police investigations are still on going.
Source: [The Star]
By: Lincoln Kyle September (

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