Live Cockroach Removed From Woman’s Ear After Crawling In When She Was Asleep

Nightmares do come true.

A cockroach managed to burrow its way into a woman’s ear when she was sleeping in her bed.

The bug forced the Chinese woman named Su, from Huaihua City in Hunan to go to the doctor after feeling an itching sensation in her ear.

This came after Su tried and failed to remove the bug herself.

Her physicians however, had better success as the video below shows.

‘The patient came in complaining of pain in her ear, claiming that an insect had crawled inside it – and that it was still moving,’ ENT (ear, nose, throat) specialist Dr Meng Jie said.

‘We spotted the cockroach deep in her ear canal – its legs were still moving – and pulled it out after giving [the patient] some local anaesthetics.’

cockroach live.jpg

The bug was alive and kicking when pulled from the woman’s ear.

But it wasn’t a comfortable experience for ‘Su’ as the cockroach started wriggling around when they sprayed it with chemicals.

Eventually the roach was pulled out alive, with the patient not suffering any permanent language.

Source: [Daily Mail]

By: Lincoln Kyle September (


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