Woman Grows Breasts On Her Waist After Botched Cosmetic Procedure

A Chinese woman has accidentally grown breasts on her waist after her cosmetic procedure went wrong.

After injecting herself with a gel filler to increase the size of her chest, the woman found out that her breasts were not getting bigger, but were actually starting to  reduce in size.

She then noticed that two sizeable lumps were beginning to form on her abdomen, according to Chinese newspaper The Shanghaiist.

Doctors examined her and found that the toxic hydrogel she had had injected into her chest was slowly pooling into her stomach area.

The woman told specialists that she had had something called ‘Amazing Gel’ injected into her chest years earlier as part of a breast augmentation procedure.


Doctors had to perform surgery to stop the fluid-filled lumps from starting an infection.


The gel was seeping down into her stomach region.

Amazing Gel, a semi-permanent cosmetic filler that was once quite popular in China, has been linked to long-lasting and often severe health complications.

In other patients, the injections have also migrated to the armpits and even the back.

The woman had to go under the knife in order for doctors to remove the yellow, gel-like lumps, which they drained out.

Source: [The Shanghaiist]

By: Lincoln Kyle September (lincolnkyleseptember@gmail.com)


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