Plane Forced To land After Passengers Block All Toilets

A plane had to make an emergency landing after passengers managed to clog up all the toilets on board.

The Boeing 777 – which usually has eight or nine toilets – was enroute from Toronto to Pakistan when it was forced to alter it’s flight plans and abort the flight.

The Pakistan International Airlines flight landed at Manchester Airport following problems over the North Sea.


Pakistan International Airlines.

The airline said: ‘Today’s Toronto-Lahore flight has been diverted to Manchester as its toilet got choked, due to something solid thrown by passengers.

‘As all toilets are connected with a common drain line, the rest of the toilets were choked.

‘Keeping in view the convenience of passengers, the flight has been diverted to Manchester where the toilets will be serviced before the flight continues its onward journey.’

‘Inconvenience to passengers is regretted.’

The plane was diverted for just over five hours while engineers unclogged the pipes connected to the plane’s toilets.

Coincidentally the event took place on the 19th of November, which is international world toilet day.

Source: [Daily Mail]
By: Lincoln Kyle September (


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