China ‘bans people from calling Kim Jong-un fat after request from North Korea’

China has apparently tried to stop it’s citizens from referring to the North Korean leader as ‘Kim Fatty III’.

This comes after the world’s most populist country received a request from Kim Jong-un’s regime asking them to do so, reports from Chinese media suggests.

The term has become popular among Chinese social media users, but may soon be banned if the North Korean dictator gets his way.

According to the Mail Online, typing the phrase into social media sites such as Weibo and Baidu will not turn up any results.

kim jun.jpg

Apparently the North Korean leader doesn’t like it when make fun of his weight.

Instead you get a message that reads: ‘According to relevant laws and policies, the search results of “jin san pang” (Kim Fatty III) have not be shown.’

Chinese net users though have come up with alternatives, such as swapping ‘fat’ for ‘moon’ and ‘half’, which when combined in Chinese script spell out the word ‘fat’.

It is not the first time the phrase about Kim’s weigh has been banned.

In 2015 the Chinese government had also blocked any search results referring to the weight of the North Korean leader.

The ban was lifted earlier this year, but now seems to have been re-instated.

Source: Mail Online

By: Lincoln Kyle September (



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