British Woman Who Was ‘Gang Raped’ In Dubai Could Be Sent To Jail For Pre-Marital Sex

A British woman who was allegedly raped by two men in Dubai could be jailed for having sex outside marriage.

The woman’s alleged attackers, who are both British, have since flown back to the UK while she was arrested after reporting the incident to local police.

She was charged with ‘extra-marital sex’.

The Sun reported that the 25-year-old woman is not allowed to leave the country and needs £24, 000 in legal fees and bail.

Burj Al Arab Hotel, Umm Suqeim District, Dubai City, United Arab Emirates

Dubai is a popular holiday destination for tourists from Britain.

A family friend told the newspaper: ‘They have taken her passport as lawyers thrash it out. She is staying with an English family but she is absolutely terrified.

‘She went to the police as the victim as one of the worst ordeals imaginable but she is being treated as the criminal.’

The woman was on a five-day holiday in the popular holiday destination when the attack happened in October of this year.

It is claimed that she met two men at the hotel she stayed in when the attacks happened. The woman also claims that her attackers filmed the assault with their phones.

Source: The Sun

By: Lincoln Kyle September (


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