North Korea Official Executed For ‘Dozing Off During Meeting’

South Korean newspapers are reporting that two top North Korean officials have been publicly executed for disobeying Kim Jong Un.

With the country coming off the back of a spate of high-profile defections, former agriculture minister Hwang Min and Ri Yong Jin, a senior official at the education ministry, were executed using anti-aircraft guns.

The report comes from South Korean newspaper ‘JoongAng Ilbo Daily’ and cannot b independently verified.

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It is reported that the two men were executed by anti-aircraft weapons.

One source suggested that Ri Yong Jin was executed after he ‘dozed off during a meeting presided over by Kim’.

They added: ‘He was arrested on site and intensively questioned by the state security ministry. He was executed after other charges, such as corruption, were found during the probe.’

Speaking about Mr Hwang he said: ‘I understand he was executed because policy proposals he had pushed for were seen as a direct challenge to the Kim Jong-Un leadership.’

South Korea’s Unification Ministry did not have an immediate comment to the speculations.

Source: BBC News

By: Lincoln Kyle September (




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