Mass Brawl At Nudist Beach After Clothed Teenagers Stare At Woman

A nude fight reportedly broke out on a nude beach in France when a group of male teenagers refused to strip and just stared at naked women.

The teenagers are said to have gone to the beach in Bordeaux and started acting in a provocative manner.

Witnesses said that around 10 teenagers started staring at women, contravening nude beach etiquette, reports French newspaper Sud Quest.

The fully clothed teens were then told to ‘get naked or get lost’, sparking a confrontation that ended up with riot police being called.


It is reported that the teenagers refused to obey beach etiquette, sparking the confrontation.

It is reported that naked beach-goers were throwing sand into their eyes, with punches being thrown by both parties as well.

Two people from Bordeaux were arrested after trying to flee the scene when police arrived. They were later released without charge.

Source: The Sun

By: Lincoln Kyle September (


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