Japanese Man Arrested After Stealing 150 Items of Women’s Underwear

A Japanese farmer has been arrested after admitting to stealing 150 items of women’s underwear.

The man was caught wearing a bra when police swooped on his home in Motosu, in Japan’s Gifu prefecture.

The 63-year-old man named as Fumio Takahashi, was found to be in possession of a huge haul of women’s panties and bras.


Police officers laid out the man’s haul of stolen underwear.

The total of about 150 undergarments did not include the bra he was wearing when arrested.

Takahashi is accused of breaking into the garage of an 84-year-old man and attempting to steal underwear that had been left out to dry.

The man is also suspected to be involved in a spate of thefts of women’s underwear.

Gifu Police charged the farmer with breaking and entering and attempted theft and say that he freely admitted to the allegations.

‘I’ve done this several times,’ Takahashi reportedly told police.

Officers reportedly raided the mans home after members of the victims family reported their suspicions to police about the underwear thefts.




Source: Daily Mail

By: Lincoln Kyle September (lincolnkyleseptember@gmail.com)




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