2 men fall off a cliff while playing pokemon go

Two men have fallen off the side of a cliff while trying to capture virtual characters on the popular gaming app Pokemon GO. 

One of the men fell over 25 meters to the beach below, while the other plunged 15 meters down the cliff in Encinatas, California.

Both men were taken to Scripps La Jolla Hospital with unspecified injuries.

According to Robbie Ford, Encinitas fire Battalion Chief, the men had been  distracted by their phones while playing the game and had fallen over the edge of the cliffs at around 1pm yesterday afternoon.

It is reported that they ignored a warning on a fence that warns the public that the cliffs are unstable.


The game has quickly become a hit with gamers all over the world due to its interactive nature.

Instead of heading the warning signs, the both men had climbed over the fence in an attempt to find more Pokemon.

Firefighters had to use ropes and harnesses to pull the man on the cliff back up, while the man on the beach was treated by lifeguards.

Both men are expected to make full recoveries.

[Source: The Sun]

By: Lincoln Kyle September (lincolnkyleseptember@gmail.com)


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