70-year-old Woman who had both arms and legs amputated by train dies

A 70-year-old woman has passed away in horrific circumstances after being struck by a train which severed both her arms and legs.

Susan Smith, from Cape Town, South Africa was put on life support after for several hours after the incident, but it was soon evident that there was nothing the doctors could do to save her life.

Authorities are still unsure as to how the woman landed under a train at a station in Athlone, central Cape Town on Thursday morning.

According to her sister-in-law, Denise Smith, Susan was not at home after she returned from taking daughter to work at around 6am on Thursday.


It is believed that the woman was hit by a train as it approached Athlone Station in Cape Town.

“She got dressed, her pyjamas were on her bed but she wasn’t here,” Denise told Cape Town’s Daily Voice newspaper.

“Around 9am a friend asked me where Susan was because she saw something on Facebook about a woman who was hit by a train.

“I told my friend we were looking for her, then later we found out it was Susan.”

Denise then said that they rushed to Groote Schuur Hospital , only to be told by doctors that Susan’s life support system had already been switched off.

Denise said:“She turned 70 in May. It wasn’t like her to wander off, so we don’t know why she did it.”

ER24 spokeperson Chirta Bodasing said it appears that Susan was hit by a train while attempting to cross the tracks.

“It is understood that the woman was walking across the train tracks when she was knocked by the train.

“She was found lying in the middle of two train tracks. She was conscious but in a critical condition.

“She sustained amputations to both her legs below the knees and both arms below the elbow,” Chitra said.

Metrorail spokesperson Riana Scott, however, said initial reports were that Susan fell while trying to board a train.

“We confirm the incident at 6.20 this morning at Athlone station,” she said.

“According to first reports and some eyewitness accounts it appears that an elderly female commuter attempted to board a moving train and subsequently fell onto the tracks with tragic consequences,” she said.

“Metrorail has already initiated an investigation into the circumstances leading to the incident.”

Source: [Daily Mail]

By: Lincoln Kyle September (lincolnkyleseptember@gmail.com)






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