Jamaica plans to sell cannabis to tourists

It may soon be possible for tourists to legally buy cannabis in Jamaica…yes, you read that correctly!

The Caribbean country, which recently relaxed its laws on cannabis possession last year, wants to introduce kiosks in airports dedicated to selling weed to tourists while they’re in the airport.

Although cannabis possession is still illegal in Jamaica, possession of up to 56 grams is only considered a petty crime.

The Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA) is hoping to capitalise on the same financial gains seen in the American state of Colorado, where weed was decriminalised last year.


Cannabis has been legalised in some American states, providing millions of Dollars in tax for the government.

Over $1billion worth of cannabis was sold in the state, which raised over $135 million in taxes for the sale of weed alone.

Hyacinth Lightbourne, CLA chairman, said kiosks would be an essential advancement in the therapeutic use of cannabis.

‘It would primarily be for people who have a prescription and, in effect, you’re doing it for medicinal purposes with a permit from the Ministry of Health.

‘If they don’t have a prescription, then they can do what we call ‘self-declare’, and this will allow them to have the two ounces while they are here.’ She told The Gleaner:

She also said that the kiosks would be a good way of introducing drug regulations in a country where tourists come for the genuine article.

The kiosks will be manned by people who have training in the medical field.

Source: The Gleaner

By: Lincoln Kyle September (lincolnkyleseptember@gmail.com)




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