Cross-Dressing Chinese Man Fools 11 Boyfriends Into Believing He Is A Woman

According to reports, the conman managed to trick 11 men into believing he was a female in an attempt to defraud them in the space of just a year.

In one case, he even managed to get married to his boyfriend, who he met online, without the man realising his wife was also a man.

He used the chatroom service under the alias Miao Xaomin, and was married to a man surnamed Wang for several months, with Wang’s family even arranging an expensive wedding and ceremony in October last year.

To his surprise, Wang’s new wife disappeared just three days after the wedding and had taken all the wedding gifts and other family items from the Wang’s family.


Items such as women’s underwear and high-heels were found at the man’s property.

Wang’s family believed that his new bride had left after an arguement between the couple and so never informed the police about it.

However suspicion was aroused when a man from a nearby city reported to police that he met a girl online claiming to be Miao Xiaomin. He said that the girl had used various methods to get around 31,000 yuan (£3,237) out of him.

Police arrested a man who they thought was Miao Xiaomin and discovered the man’s secrets when he was caught in possession of an identity card for 27-year-old Miao Songtao.


The man was arrested but is yet to be sentenced.

Police then searched his house and discovered various items of women’s clothing, underwear, wigs and even high-heeled shoes.

The man is yet to appear in court.

Source: [Daily Mail]

By: Lincoln Kyle September (


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