Greedy Seagull Turns Orange After Getting Stuck In Giant Masala Curry Container

A seagull has had an unlucky encounter with a vat of chicken tikka masala curry.

The bird flew into the food outside a factory in Wales where the curry was cooling down before being thrown away.

Workers rescued the seagull and took him to a local wildlife and rehabilitation centre where he was given a shower and was being treated before being let back out into the wild.

Veterinary nurse Lucy Kells said: ‘The gull is doing great now – he still smells a little of curry, but he is now much whiter.

‘On Monday the receptionist bought a box through and said ‘this one needs urgent attention.

‘The strong curry aroma actually hit us before we opened the box. It was absolutely overwhelming and I thought ‘that smells absolutely fantastic.’


Workers tried to wash the orange colour of the bird’s feathers.

‘The gull didn’t actually seem too upset but we had to give him a shower and clean him with washing up liquid. Surprisingly, he was actually very well behaved.

‘It took about half an hour and the curry came out better than we expected, but he still smells! I think it must be the turmeric.’

‘Of course we don’t like to laugh at animals, but because the gull was okay it was hard not to see the funny side.’


The bird will be kept at a rehabilitation center until his feathers are no longer dyed orange. 

One of the workers at the factory added: The gull was fishing for bits of chicken and lost his balance.

‘One of our rescuers came and picked him up from the factory after they had pulled him out and put him in a box.

‘We can’t name the factory but staff informed me it was a waste vat of chicken tikka masala.’

The seagull will remain at the Vale Wildlife Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre until his feathers are no longer dyed orange.

Source: [BBC NEWS]

By: Lincoln Kyle September (


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