Two Eight-Year-Old Pupils Caught With Cannabis at School

Two grade four pupils were caught with cannabis at the Bedlington Station Primary School in Northumberland, England.

Teachers confiscated the drugs from the pupils as police were called to the school.

Despite the find, the school’s headmaster Carl Sutherland said the children had not been suspended.

“A member of our staff became aware of two Year 4 pupils with a suspicious substance in the playground, which they confiscated. We immediately called the police who came in and took possession of the substance” he said in a statement.

He said there had been no attempt by the students to consume the substance on school grounds.

“There was a very frank conversation with the pupils and their parents to try to establish what happened.”

Year 4 pupils at Bedlington Station Primary School were found with cannabis.jpg

Bedlington Station Primary School: Although the pupils were caught in possession of the Class B drug, they were not suspended.

“We would like to reassure parents that we have robust policies in place for incidents such as this, and there were followed to the letter by our staff.

“We will be running additional information sessions on keeping children safe to make sure everybody gets the message.”

In a statement released by the school’s Facebook page, Mr. Sutherland said the incident was an isolated incident and invited any parent still concerned to speak to him in person.

[Source: Daily Mail]

By: Lincoln Kyle September (


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