Human Remains Found At EgyptAir 804 Crash Site

A senior Egyptian forensic official believes there was an explosion on board the doomed EgyptAir 804 flight after examining victims’ remains.

He says all 80 pieces brought to a Cairo morgue in 23 separate bags so far are small and that “there isn’t even a whole body part, like an arm or head.”

He said that “the biggest part was the size of a palm” and that “the logical explanation is that it was an explosion”.

French soldier during search for debris over the Med.jpg

A French soldier searches the Mediterranean sea for the remains of the crashed plane.

The forensic official then added: “The size of the remains points towards an explosion, the biggest part was the size of a palm.

“Some of the remains started arriving on Sunday in about 23 bags.”

All 66 people on board were killed when the Airbus 320 crashed in the Mediterranean early Thursday while en route from Paris to Cairo.

A frantic search is underway to find the plane’s black box which holds the key to what happened and has just 25 days of battery life left.

[Source: Daily Mail]

By: Lincoln Kyle September (


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