Prostitutes and Their Customers Paraded Naked in Streets After Police Raid

Eleven prostitutes and their customers were forced to walk naked through a Russian city center after a police raid at their brothel.

Photos captured on a smartphone show the women and their clients being paraded around naked while trying to cover themselves in St Petersburg.

The group were forced to walk naked for five city blocks before being detained and put into police vans and taken to a police station.

An eyewitness to the shocking event said: ‘Police burst into the building and a little while later left with naked and crying prostitutes.’


The prostitutes and their clients were forced to parade nude through the streets by police.

It is reported that three men had escaped the raid through a back door and the raid followed that of a police investigation into illegal brothels in the historic city of Vasilyesky.

Sergey Kulik commented online: ‘They should make pimps go naked through the streets, not those girls.’

The police raid is said to have followed a tip-off by notorious Russian former kickboxer and MMA fighter Viacheslav Datsi.


A person living in a nearby flat captured the moment police forced prostitutes and their clients to parade naked through five city blocks.

Datsik, who calls himself Red Tarzan, has declared war on prostitution in the city and regularly urges police to raid brothels.

[Source: BBC NEWS]

By: Lincoln Kyle September (


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