Five-Year-Old Girl Accidentally Shoots Herself

A five-year-old girl has tragically died after accidentally shooting herself after finding a handgun under her grandmother’s pillow.

The young girl, Mariah Davis was playing with the weapon around midnight when the weapon went off at her home in Detroit, USA.

At the time of the incident her grandmother had been cooking downstairs while the girl was playing with two other children, aged one and three.


The young girl fatally shot herself after finding a gun under her grandma’s pillow.

Police reported that Mariah was pronounced dead upon arrival at a Detroit hospital after being fatally wounded, while the other children were unhurt.

After being questioned by police the grandmother was released without charge.

It is the sixth death of a child who has shot and killed themselves in the US since April 20th of this year.

Commander Jacqueline Pritchet of the Detroit police said they are working with residents on promoting gun safety.

Jonathon Hutson, a gun violence prevention activist says that nine children under the age of 18 are unintentionally shot in the US every day, with seven of those succumbing to their injuries per day.

He told CNN: ‘These fatalities are unintentional, but they’re not accidental. They’re foreseeable and preventable.’

[Source: CNN]

By: Lincoln Kyle September (


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