Man Banned From Driving Until 2094

A serial driving pest has been spared jail after pleading guilty to disqualified driving.

77-year-old Australian, Nathan Barker was due to appear in court for the hearing of driving a motor vehicle while disqualified, his 29th such charge.

But Barker instead pleaded guilty to the charge after newspaper reporters took photographs of him driving his pick-up truck in Waterloo, South Coogee, Australia, despite previously being banned from driving for 76 years.


Oops! The pensioner claimed it was a female friend that was driving his car.

Police reveal that after the man was charged for the offence, Barker said “Who? Me? It wasn’t me…it was Paula, [a] friend of mine.”

Magistrate Jennifer Atkinson handed the pensioner a three-month suspended jail sentence, as well as handing him a good behaviour bond for the three month period.

A further two years were added to Barkers driving disqualification record following his sentence, meaning he will not be allowed to drive until 2094, when he will be 183-years-old.

[Source: Daily Mail Australia]

By: Lincoln Kyle September (


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