Unresponsive British Airways Flight Intercepted By Fighter Jets

Hungarian fighter jets intercepted a British Airways flight after the plane failed to respond to air traffic controllers.

Hungarian authorities issued their highest alert afer the Boeing 777 passed over it’s border unannounced on Saturday afternoon.

Two Hungarian fighter jets were scrambled to identify the aircraft which was travelling from Dubai to London.

Air safety protocol requires pilots to make contact with air traffic controllers when passing into another country.

The jets took off at 12:55pm local time before the British Airways flight made contact with ground control.


The plane failed to make contact over Hungarian airspace. (Via: DailyMail)

A British Airways spokesman said: “Communication was quickly restored with air traffic control and the flight landed normally at Heathrow.”

The Hungarian jets returned to back to their base at 13:21pm, after the plane restored contact with air control.

[Source: BBC NEWS]

By: Lincoln Kyle September (lincolnkyleseptember@gmail.com)




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