Man Fleeing Robbery Jumps Over Walls Of The White House

The White House was placed under lockdown on Tuesday afternoon after a man fleeing a robbery jumped the building’s perimeter fence.

An unidentified man was arrested by Secret Service officers after he climbed over the fence alongside the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, which is part of the White House complex, which houses the American President.

Robert Hoback, a secret service spokesman said that an initial investigation suggested the intruder was fleeing a robbery across the street from the complex.

It is not clear if he was the robber, the victim or a simple bystander at the crime scene.


Secret Service teams patrolled the White House complex after the intrusion. 

It is reported that the man was taken to a hospital by police to be treated for the injuries he suffered while climbing he fence, said Mr Hoback.

President Obama was inside the White House at the time of the incident after returning home the previous day from an International trip.

The lockdown was launched by Secret Service personnel at around 4pm local time, but the all-clear was given less than an hour later.

This is not the first time the White House has been under lockdown, in 2014 a man who jumped the fence made it deep inside the presidential mansion before officers were able to seize him.


By: Lincoln Kyle September (


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