Man Blocks Speed Camera By Parking Car Behind It And Lifting It’s Boot Lid

An unnamed man has decided to take the law into his own hands by pulling up behind a mobile speed camera to block its view, before walking off to the pub.

After noticing the hidden device inside the back of a police van, he then proceeded to block the camera’s view by lifting the boot lid of his car.

The picture was uploaded to social media site Reddit after a neighbour noticed what the man was doing.

They posted: “Someone just parked in front of a speed camera, lifted his boot so nobody could get caught speeding. Then went to the pub across the road.”


The man was caught lifting his boot lid to block the speed camera.

The Metro Reports that the picture was taken in Manchester and some have praised the man’s selfless act.

One person posted: “The hero we don’t really deserve but it’s pretty great to have.”

And another remarked: “I’m sure the people that live on that street really appreciate it.”

Some blasted the move however, with Reddit user saying: “What a great guy! Nobody deserves to be forced to limit their speeds in a residential area where pedestrians & children may be around.”

[Source: Metro News]

By: Lincoln Kyle September (


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