Four School Kids Fall Out Of Bus On Busy Highway

Four primary school children were treated at the Red Cross Children’s hospital on Thursday morning after falling out of the back window of the public bus they were travelling in on the busy N2 highway in Cape Town, South Africa.

The bus company, Golden Arrow, confirmed that four children were injured in the incident and reported that the children fell out of the back emergency exit window while the bus was in motion, suffering minor to serious injuries.

Bronwen Dyke, of the Golden Arrow Bus Services, said the incdent too place at about 7:25am, just as the bus slowed down as it approached an exit on the highway.

“According to the other children on the bus, four children were playing on top of the seats in quite a boisterous manner and as the bus took the exit they fell into the window, dislodging it, causing them to fall from the bus,” she said.

Dyke also confirmed that Golden Arrow officials would be meeting with the children’s parents and their school principals to discuss the incident.

“At present we know that these are Grade 2 and 3 children and that three of them have minor injuries only, while the fourth child has a broken arm and head injuries We are hopeful that they will all make a speedy recovery,” she said.

Dyke added that while the bus windows were designed to give way under a substantial amount of pressure so they could be used as emergency exits, the incident could not have happened if the children had been in their seats, in accordance with the company’s conditions of carriage.

“We will be looking into ways to ensure that our younger passengers are aware of the potential dangers of not complying with our safety regulations,” she said.

[Source: EWN]

By: Lincoln Kyle September (


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