Mother Shot Dead By Toddler Who Found Her Gun In Car’s Back Seat

A 26-year-old woman has been shot dead by her toddler after her son got hold of a gun in the back seat of the car while she was driving in Milwaukee, police report.

The woman was hit once in the back as she drove on a US highway on Tuesday afternoon, the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office said.

The woman, Patrice Price, was not breathing and had no pulse when sheriff deputies arrived on the scene.

Officers failed to revive her and she was pronounced dead on the scene. It is believed that she managed to stop the vehicle after being shot.

The car the woman was driving when she was shot in Wisconsin

The car the woman was in when she was shot dead.

Family members said that Ms Price was driving a car belonging to her security guard boyfriend when her two-year-old son managed to get hold of a pistol in the back seat and opened fire.

A .40-calibre handgun was found in the vehicle, Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office said.

Ms Price’s one-year-old relative was in the passenger seat of the car with her mother, but neither was injured, according to relatives.

Michelle Kane, a friend of the deceased told Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that Ms
Price had been taking care of her sister, who was paralysed in a shooting several months ago.

Ms Price (pictured) was also a carer for her paralysed sister

Ms Price also took care of her paralysed sister.

The southbound Highway was shut down for several hours after the incident.


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