Naked Hercules Statue Gets Removable Penis Because His Willy Keeps Getting Stolen

A removable penis is being cast for a nude statue because people keep stealing his genitals.

Hercules, the Greek god of strength, is famously known for having sex with over 50 women in one night, but now the mythical god keeps getting his manhood broken off by vandals.

The statue in questions is situated in a park in Arcachon, France and has constantly been vandalised ever since it was erected.

Major Yves Foulon has announced that Hercules is getting a removable penis for special events in an effort to stop people stealing his penis.

Here’s a close-up of his schlong, FYI

The statue’s manhood has been stolen on a number of occasions.

‘I wouldn’t wish anyone — not even my worst enemies — to go through what has been inflicted on this statue,’ Foulon told local newspaper Sud-Ouest.

Deputy minister Martine Phellipot added that: ‘Hercules has a fragile virility.’

‘We chose the option of making a removable prosthesis which is placed on the statue before each ceremony.

‘It’s the only way to avoid constantly chasing after his anatomy.’

By: Lincoln Kyle September (

Source: [The Sun]


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