Newborn Killed By Family Dog

A three-day-old baby boy has died after being attacked by the family’s American Staffordshire terrier-Great Dane crossbreed dog, after it was startled by the boy’s mother coughing.

According to reports, the newborn baby and the dog were with the boy’s parents, who were watching TV on their bed, when the attack happened in their home, just outside San Diego, California.

Sergeant Tu Nguyen, of the San Diego Police’s child abuse unit, said the mother’s sudden cough caused the dog to unexpectedly bite the baby.

He reported that the parents were quickly able to pull the dog off the child, who was later announced dead on arrival after being taken to the hospital.

Stg. Nyugen also stated that: “At this time, we’re looking at this as nothing more than a tragic incident.”

The two-year-old dog, named Polo, is currently being held in quarantine in order to determine whether it has rabies.

Department of Animal Services’ Dan DeSousa said it is up to the owners to decide the dog’s fate.

A post-mortem examination is under way to discover the official cause of the baby’s death.

By: Lincoln Kyle September (

Source: [BBC News]


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