Father Cuts Off Hands Of Teenage Boy Who Raped His Baby Daughter

A father took the law into his own hands after his wife caught a teenage boy raping his baby daughter in Kotli Ablu, India.

The 17-year-old stands accused of molesting the seven-month-old baby in 2014 and was sent to a juvenile remedial home as he awaited trail after being arrested.

Just before the teenager’s trail on April 19, the girl’s father claimed that he had forgiven the boy and would accept an out of court settlement and even offered to drive the boy to his home.

But halfway through the journey to the boy’s home in Kotli Ablu, the father stopped his motorcycle and proceeded to attack the teenager, typing him to a tree before cutting off his hands with a machete.

It is then reported that he climbed back on his motorcycle and fled the scene, leaving the teen for dead on the side of the road.

Villagers then took the teen to hospital after finding him screaming for help and his condition was described as critical.

Local police are now hunting for the father and have charged him with attempted murder.

By: Lincoln Kyle September (lincolnkyleseptmber@gmil.com)


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