Miracle As Puppy Survives 152 Meter Fall Off Cliff

A puppy has survived almost certain death after running off during an obedience class and falling over 152 meters (500 feet) to the rocks below.

The puppy fell off the edge of Beachy Head cliff in East Sussex, England – an infamous suicide spot and is lucky to be alive vets say.

The five-month-old dog, named Barely, escaped after his owner freed him, as his lead had got tangled with another dog’s.

Heather Grange, the owner, describes how the dog headed off towards the sea, not realising he was about to run off the edge, before falling off the cliff and landing on the rocks below.

heather and barley

Heather and her puppy Barely.

‘I think he saw the sea and didn’t realise it wasn’t at his level, so he kept running but instead of going in the water he fell down the drop of the cliff’s edge,’ Heather explained.

It took my mum and uncle minutes to climb down to find him. He was laying still in the same place the whole time in shock.’

Despite falling the equivalent of 40 storeys, little Barley survived, suffering only an injured jaw and severe bruising.

‘He had injured his jaw and was unable to walk but the vet said he must’ve bounced. He was okay after a few weeks,’ Heather explained

She then added that: ‘Lots of dogs have fallen over the edge and haven’t survived but after a couple of weeks of limping a bit while looking very miserable, he was okay again. I couldn’t believe it.’

Barely was recently crowned The Pet Hut’s hero of the month for surviving the fall against all odds.

By: Lincoln Kyle September (lincolnkyleseptember@gmail.com)

Source: [Daily Mail]


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