Man Jailed For Abandoning Car On Train Tracks

A former soldier who left his car on a railway track has been jailed for over five years.

Jonathan Mather, from Derby, England, drove his car over 180 meters (200 yards) down the track from a level-crossing before running off and leaving it across the tracks.

British Transport Sergeant Shane Erwin said: When officers and other emergency service colleagues arrived at the scene the area was searched and Mather was discovered hiding in a bush nearby.

“Mather claimed to have had an episode of memory loss as a result of post-traumatic stress disorder, however he was fully assessed by an independent mental health team and deemed fit to be interviewed by police and prosecuted by the Crown Prosecution Service.

“I cannot emphasise the seriousness of his actions. The train could have easily derailed after striking his vehicle at such a speed, and everyone on board could have been seriously injured or killed.”


The wrecked car was destroyed after the train ht it at high speeds.

Mather, who was ordered to repay R107, 500 (£5,000) to a widow after defrauding her out of over R279, 000 (£13, 000) in 2014, is a convicted conman and was given a two-year suspended sentence for the offence.

The train was travelling at over 112km/h (70 m/h) when it hit the car. Police say that at this speed, everyone on board could have been killed due to the sudden impact.

Lincoln Kyle September (

Source: [BBC NEWS]


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