Gust Of Wind Blows Suicidal Woman Off Building After She Decided Against Jumping Off

A suicidal woman was blown to her death after a sudden gust of wind blew her over a rooftop ledge – AFTER she decided not jump.

The tragic incident took place at a six-storey office building Changle City, in the East Chinese province of Fujian.

According to reports, the 21-year-old threatened to kill herself after getting into an arguement with her boyfriend.


The woman fell to her death from the top of this block of flats.

She then went to the ledge and dangled her legs over the side of the building, threatening to jump.

Large crowds then gathered near the office block when they became aware of the girls intensions.

Witnesses are reported to have seen a number of people trying to talk the girl down and after deciding not to kill herself, the girl got up and decided to walk off the ledge when a sudden gust of wind made her stumble and fall backwards.

She was heard screaming “help” as she plunged to her death, with paramedics declared her dead on the scene.


Police officials covered the body of the dead girl.

Changle police investigations are ongoing.

By: Lincoln Kyle September (

Source: [Daily Mail]


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