Terror As Armed Police Storm Plane After Knife Threat

8 February 2016

Passengers were left in shock as anti-terror police in armoured uniforms stormed an Aer Lingus plane and detained a man.

The unit was called to the plane after a passenger told cabin crew that a man on board was armed with knives.

The worried passenger handed a note to a cabin crew member, who then alerted authorities.

The anti-terror team stormed the plane and arrested the man while the plane was waiting for air-traffic control to clear it for take-off from Dublin to Edinburgh.

A Dublin Garda spokesperson told the Daily Mail: ‘A male passenger aged in his 20’s was removed from the plane by Garda and detained under the Mental Health Act, he has since been admitted to hospital.

‘The flight proceeded to on its planned journey a short time later. There was no one injured during the incident.’

Peter Munro, who sat in front of the detained man wrote on Twitter: ‘So a Garda SWAT team just pulled a guy off our Aer Lingus flight from Dublin to Edinburgh.


‘He was sat right behind me. Fun times…’

The note which triggered the panic, was later deemed not to be a terror threat.

By: Lincoln Kyle September (lincolnseptember@gmail.com)

Source: [The Sun]



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