South African Human Rights Commission Sees an Increase In Complaints about Racism

The South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC), released figures which show an increase in the amount of complaints made about racism in the last year.

From April to December 2015, the SAHRC reported to have received 293 complaints about racism, an increase of 23 complaints from the previous year.

It is reported that this figure has already been eclipsed in January 2016 alone, as South Africa entered the year on a racially turbulent note.

This has caused the Human Rights Commission to release a statement saying they would no longer be revealing their findings into investigations on racism in the country.

The African National Congress -South Africa’s ruling party, have vowed to tackle racism and have reported a number of people to the commission for racist remarks made against black people on social networking sites.

High profile opposition party members, such as Penny Sparrow of the Democratic Alliance, who compared black people to monkeys, have also been reported to the commission.


Penny Sparrow, a member of the main opposition party caused outrage after sending out a tweet referring to black people as “monkeys”.

The FW De Klerk Foundation meanwhile have submitted 45 social media posts, which it believes to be encouraging violence against white South Africans, to the Human Rights Commission as well.

In terms of numbers, SAHRC reported that it receieved a staggering 41% of the complaints from the Gauteng province alone, while the KwaZulu-Natal province came in second place sending in 13% of the countries complaints.

By: Lincoln Kyle September (

Source: [South African Human Rights Commission]


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