North Korea Bombards South Korea…With Poo

2 February 2016

North Korea have escalated their attempts to bombard propaganda towards South Korea by sending balloons filled with used toilet paper and cigarette butts over the border.

Concerns were raised over the contents of the balloons as they landed in a heavily fortified Demilitarised Zone, with South Korean officials suspecting the balloons were a biochemical attack, the JoongAng Daily reported.

In the weeks prior to the incident, South Korean officials launched balloons carrying propaganda into the North and then started blasting K-pop music and even more propaganda through loud speakers near the border.


It is reported that the North used this attack as a form of retaliation, sending over balloons fitted with small timers and explosive devices designed to explode and drop their load in the South.

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It is estimated that over 1 million leaflets were sent over the border in total, with some of them demanding that the South stop their anti-North propaganda, while others accuse South Korean leader, Park Guen-hye, of aggravating the relations between the two countries.

More recently, South Korean authorities have been called out to inspect unexploaded balloons in order to collect the messages inside them. These balloons were some of a dozen that did not reach their intended targets, but instead landed in open fields just over the border.

“When we opened up a bundle that had dropped on the ground, we found plastic bags filled with leaflets and mixed with trash”, an official told the JoongAng Daily.

“We were concerned that North Korea could have sent biochemical substances to harm our people, but after analysing the contents it was just trash”, he said.

“In some of the bundles, there were cigarette butts, tissues and daily waste”, a police officer said, further adding that many of the balloons also contained used toilet paper.

A government spokesman described the North’s psychological warfare methods as “immature”.

By: Lincoln Kyle September (

Source: [Rocket News 24]


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