Man Addicted To Cereal Eats 13 Bowls A Day – With 138 Spoonfuls Of Sugar

31 January 2016

A 19-year-old man from Worcester, England, has revealed that he is addicted to cereal and consumes 13 bowls each day.

Phillip Patrick admits that he is addicted to cereal and gets through a mammoth 138 spoonfuls of sugar per day and is desperate to kick his sugar addiction.

Patrick also revealed that he drinks tea with at least six spoons of sugar in each cup, pushing his daily calorie intake to over 7000 calories every day.

He also revealed that his bad eating habits started when he moved out of his mother’s house, with his sugar addiction seeing him gain 28kg’s in just three years since the move.

His addiction sees him get through a 5kg bag of sugar every nine days, while he finishes six boxes of cereal and 7 liters of milk every week.


Phillip Patrick’s addiction sees him consuming over 7000 calories each day.

His daily eating habits are mostly centered around his favourite TV shows – when he is able to relax uninterrupted.

Although eating cereal can be healthy, experts warn that he could develop serious heart problems if he fails to moderate his daily consumption.


The 19-year-old gets through a 5kg bag of sugar in just nine days.

“I used to be quite an active lad, playing football, cycling and running,” he said. But now I’ve got no energy. I struggle to walk up the stairs because I’m so out of breath. It has become a habit now. It’s part of my daily lifestyle. I’ve been doing it every day for three years. I need to get my life back – I could die from it.”

“I need help to get my life back.”

In late 2015 Phillip lost his job as a barman, as he did not have enough energy to serve customers throughout his entire shift.

He is seeking help for his addiction and has tried on several attempts to kick his habit, but ultimately failing after only a few days.

Lincoln Kyle September (

Source: [The Independant]


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