Major Air And Sea Rescue Turns Up Blow-up Doll

3 February 2016

In Newquay, England, sea and air rescue teams were scrambled after a fisher is reported to have seen a person struggling to keep their head above water in the sea.

Rescue teams and even a hellicopter spent over an hour searching for the person – only to discover it was an inflatable love doll dressed in human clothing.

The RNLI also sent out two lifeboats and 40 crew members to help in the rescue and despite a severe case of mistaken identity, the sea rescue organization urged people not to hesitate reporting anybody in difficulties at sea.

The BBC reported that Gareth Horner, a life boat operations manager for the RNLI said:

“It was good information from a reliable source known to us and he was quite certain that it wasn’t a seal or anything like that,” he said.

“An inflatable doll is very light, it scoots across the surface of the water, so it was some way from where we started our search.”


Unfortunately the inflatable doll was punctured during the rescue near Newquay Bay.


By: Lincoln Kyle September (

Source: [iTV NEWS]


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