My Mother is My Facebook Friend!

With Facebook being accessed over a billion times a day, it is no surprise that the older, less tech savvy generation are now also getting into the social network movement.

Unsurprisingly, this influx of parents onto social networking sites has many, mostly teenagers up in arms – and one doesn’t have to think hard to see why!

One student at the University of the Western Cape in Cape Town, South Africa, argued that the mere presence of their parents on Facebook makes them reconsider every single status update they are about to make.

Another admitted to once being grounded after their parents found pictures of them at a party, drinking alcohol. One even admitted that after he refused to accept a friend request from his mother, she went about ignoring him until he accepted her invite – Crazy!


Most interviewees thought their parents do not really seem to understand how the internet and social networking sites work.

Although most parents only use social networking sites to stay in touch with relatives or friends who live far away, I suppose there are a few parents who want to keep a tab on where their child has been and with whom they have been with. In today’s dangerous world, it is understandable.

This doesn’t matter to those interviewed however.

When asked what a solution to the problem of parents spying on their activity might be, some suggested that Facebook have an age limit of 50, while most thought blocking their parents was the only option to this teenager dilemma.

If that’s the case, I predict many more mothers giving their teens silent treatment!

By: Lincoln Kyle September (


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