Cape Town, The Ninth Most Violent City in the World


Caracas, Venezuela: The most violent city in the world.

The Venezuelan capital of Caracas has been named as the most violent city in the world. The city, with 119.87 murders per 100,000 per residents in 2015 topped the list of the 50 most crime ridden cities in the world.

The list, published by The Mexican Citizens Council for Public Security is based on the number of murders per 100, 000 citizens, in cities with a population of more than 300,000 people. The list also excludes cities which are at war or in countries where a war is still being fought.

Out of the 50 cities on the list, 41 came from Latin America while a staggering 21 of those came from Brazil alone – the most by any single country.

The only saving grace for the country set to host this year’s Olympics is that none of its cities make the top ten, while Rio de Janiero – the host city for the event fails to make the list all together.

The highest increase in violence from all the cities on the list came from San Salvador, El Salvador which reported a phenominal 81% increase in the murder rate from 2014.

With a national population of only 6 million, the South American country has seen death tolls from gang violence rise on par with the amount of deaths from the 1980’s civil war.

San Pedro Sula, Honduras dropped to number two on the list after a gradual decrease in violence over the last year after being atop the list for the previous four years.

The majority of the cities on the list come from nations classed as ‘developing’, while only four come from a developed nation – The United States.

Only four cities from Africa made the list, with all four of these cities coming from South Africa. Cape Town, South Africa was the only non Latin city to make the top ten, coming in at ninth on the list, with 65.53 murders per 100,000 citizens.


Cape Town, South Africa, is the highest ranked African country on the list and ninth overall.

The full list is as follows:                    City:                                           Murders per 100,000 people:

1 Caracas, Venezuela 119.87
2 San Pedro Sula, Honduras 111.03
3 San Salvador, El Salvador 108.54
4 Acapulco, Mexico 104.73
5 Maturin, Venezuela 86.45
6 Distrito Central, Honduras 73.51
7 Valencia, Venezuela 72.31
8 Palmira, Colombia 70.88
9 Cape Town, South Africa 65.53
10 Cali, Colombia 64.27
11 Ciudad Guayana, Venezuela 62.33
12 Fortaleza, Brazil 60.77
13 Natal, Brazil 60.66
14 Salvador, Brazil 60.63
15 St. Louis, U.S.A. 59.23
16 Joao Pessoa, Brazil 58.4
17 Culiacan, Mexico 56.09
18 Maceio, Brazil 55.63
19 Baltimore, U.S.A. 54.98
20 Barquisimeto, Venezuela 54.96
21 Sao Luis, Brazil 53.05
22 Cuiaba, Brazil 48.52
23 Manaus, Brazil 47.87
24 Cumana, Venezuela 47.77
25 Guatemala, Guatemala 47.17
26 Belem, Brazil 45.83
27 Feira de Santana, Brazil 45.5
28 Detroit, U.S.A. 43.89
29 Goiania, Brazil 43.38
30 Teresina, Brazil 42.64
31 Vitoria, Brazil 41.99
32 New Orleans, U.S.A. 41.44
33 Kingston, Jamaica 41.14
34 Gran Barcelona, Venezuela 40.08
35 Tijuana, Mexico 39.09
36 Vitória da Conquista, Brazil 38.46
37 Recife, Brazil 38.12
38 Aracaju, Brazil 37.7
39 Campos dos Goytacazes, Brazil 36.16
40 Campina Grande, Brazil 36.04
41 Durban, South Africa 35.93
42 Nelson Mandela Bay, South Africa 35.85
43 Porto Alegre, Brazil 34.73
44 Curitiba, Brazil 34.71
45 Pereira, Colombia 32.58
46 Victoria, Mexico 30.5
47 Johanesburgo, South Africa 30.31
48 Macapa, Brazil 30.25
49 Maracaibo, Venezuela 28.85
50 Obregon, Mexico 28.29

By: Lincoln Kyle September (

Source: [World Atlas]


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