Passengers Left Panicked As FlySafair Plane Makes Emergency Landing

2 February 2016

Flysafair flight FA 103 had to make an emergency landing at Johannesburg’s O.R. Tambo International airport after the plane encountered technical difficulties which forced a drop in cabin pressure.

The flight was en route to Cape Town when pilots noticed a gradual decrease in the cabin’s air pressure while at the cruising altitude of 32 000 feet.

Air masks were deployed as startled passengers were left in a state of panic as the plane started to rapidly descend to an altitude with more breathable air.

Irene Louw, who traveled on the flight, described to Eye Witness News the fear she had during the rapid decent.

“I’ve never, ever been so scared in my whole life, especially since I had my baby with me. I really didn’t know how to help her.”


Air-masks dropped as cabin pressure dropped.

Louw goes on to say that the pilots and cabin crew made no attempts to explain the reason as to why the plane was descending, thus adding to her panic.

She added that passengers were not aware of where they would be landing and that ground staff appeared to be surprised at the flight’s return to Johannesburg.

Another passenger took to Facebook to vent her anger at the lack of communication during the emergency, saying:

Passenger Allice Cardelli said:

“The most terrifying day of my life. Thank you Safair for being absolutely USELESS. Lack of clear (or any, for that matter) communication in a state of emergency. Smoke in the plane, absolute panic, urgent descent and NO communication until 5 minutes before landing.

Most oxygen masks were detatched, NONE had flowing oxygen in them! 

Luckily landed back safely in Johannesburg but the lack of communication from Safair continues. 
Absolutely no words.”

This is not the first incident of a Flysafair plane to experiences difficulties mid-flight as the carrier confirmed that this was the same plane that had made an emergency landing in Johannesburg just two days prior.

By: Lincoln Kyle September (

Source: [iOL NEWS]


























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