Footballer Shoots Dead Referee After Being Sent-Off

An Argentinean football match ended in tragedy after a player shot and killed the referee in charge of the game.

The incident happened in the Cordoba region of Argentina after referee Cesar Flores sent the young man off for a foul on an opposing player.


Crowds watch as police officials attend to the deceased’s body.

The attacker also targeted 25-year-old player Walter Zarate, who was rushed to hospital but is thought not to be in a critical condition.

Police said the man had the weapon in his backpack and had re-entered the pitch after the sending-off, while the game was continuing.

It is reported that he shot the referee three times, hitting him in the head, neck and chest.

‘It all happened during the match. We don’t know what happened with the referee but the player was angry and went to get his gun and killed him.’ said a police spokesman.

The unnamed killer is still at large and is now the subject of a police manhunt.

Lincoln Kyle September (

Source: [Daily Mail]


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