Airport Crew Spots Blood Dripping From Plane, Find Dead Body And Suitcase Full Of Money

An American registered cargo jet was impounded by Zimbabwean aviation authorities after blood was seen dripping from the plane.

The plane departed from Germany but had to make an emergency re-fueling stop in Harare, when ground crews were called to investigate reports of blood leaking from the aircraft.

Upon closer inspection, ground staff discovered the suspended body of a man, who is believed to have been accompanied by a suitcase stuffed with millions of South African Rand.


Zimbabwean aviation authorities enter the plane’s cargo door after seeing blood dripping from it.

The body is believed to be that of a stowaway.
Zimbabwean authorities say the money found next to the body belonged to the South Africa Reserve Bank.

The Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe said the jet was registered with Western Global Airlines, based in Florida, The United States.


The plane was held under tight security by Zimbabwean aviation authorities.

The Herald, Zimbabwe’s state-run newspaper, reported that the crew did not know anybody else was on board on the plane.

The crew then asked for anonymity because they are not authorized to speak to the press.

Photos on social media suggest that the deceased had been hiding in the plane’s landing gear, which severed his arm when it contracted.

According to the Herald, the crew included two Americans, a South African and a Pakistani.

The plane was on its way to Durban, South Africa, when it made the emergency landing.

By: Lincoln Kyle September (

[Source: The Herald]




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