Mother Who Drove Car With Son’s Decomposed Body In The Trunk For 10 Years To Go To Trail.

A 44-year-old Virginian woman, who last year was arrested after police found her son’s decomposed body in the trunk of her car, will be tried for second degree murder next week.

Tonya Slaton is alleged to have wrapped 15-year-old Quincy Davis’ body in plastic bags after killing him as long ago as 2005.


Quincy Davis was last seen alive in 2004.

His death was only discovered in June last year after police pulled Slaton over for an expired tax disc.

While doing routine checks on the vehicle, officers then noticed a foul smelling odour coming from the rear of the car and found a black bin bag wrapped in duct tape.

Inside the bin bag was the badly decomposed body of Quincy Davis, whose cause of death could not be reached because of the state of the body.

Slaton, who was previously arrested for violent conduct, stands accused of trying to cover up the death of the young boy.

Police say Quincy – who would have been 25 this year, was last seen alive in 2004 while attending Virginia Middle School as a seventh grader.

He was never reported missing.

By: Lincoln Kyle September (

Source: [SKY NEWS]


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